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    In the pursuit of happiness, From Anny came to be.

    As early as she could remember she had a keen eye for how others styled themselves through beauty, fragrance, and apparel. She believed a person with their own personal style was beautiful and she wanted to feel beautiful.  She wanted everyone to feel beautiful.  As she grew older she realized that self-expression is not for the faint of heart but for the brave and optimistic.  She yearned to share with others her love and favorite aspects of Asian and Parisian styles in hopes to be able to find lovers of the same style along the way.  So it began, her journey to share the beauty and simple joy of dressing as self-expressed art and style.

    From Anny is an elegant boutique carrying women’s apparel, Asian/K-Beauty, and fine fragrances. Each product is hand selected for its own unique qualities and appeal.  We believe there is beauty in simplicity and becoming your authentic beautiful self.